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Welcome to my campaign for Indiana State Senate District 47! As a resident of Southern Indiana for my entire working adult life, both in public service and in the private sector, I have seen the needs and challenges that communities in Southern Indiana face.

Why is Nick Siler running?

It’s time we had a State Senator focused on opportunities for the next generation, and not opportunities for the next election.

I am running to support public education, public health, public safety and public infrastructure, and with your help, we can preserve what we like about our state, and fix what we don’t.


Nick Siler for Southern Indiana, Royce M. Springer, Treasurer
Make contributions payable by check or money order to “Nick Siler for Southern Indiana.”
Address:  Post Office Box 188, French Lick, Indiana 47432
To get involved contact:


Public Education

Knowledge and learning, generally diffused throughout a community, being essential to the preservation of a free government…


Public Health

Indiana is facing a crisis in the epidemic of substance abuse, and we need everyone to put ideologies aside to find a solution to drug abuse…


Public Infrastructure

When we drive where we want to go on good roads, turn on the faucet and clean water comes out. Flip the switch and light appears…


Public Safety

Nick supports the efforts and sacrifices of the Indiana State Police, County Sheriffs, and local police and town marshalls…